We specialize in raccoon removal in Toronto. Often times raccoons will rip open the soffit under the gutter and claw their way into the attic space. Depending on your situation and how your dwelling is designed, there are a few different methods.  Home owners often find raccoons in attics, raccoons in garages, raccoons under decks.

Raccoons will often set up their homes in your attic. The heat coming from the attic lures raccoons as a place to take shelter. The attic heat combined with insulation provides an excellent place for raccoons to give birth. Baby season runs from March till the end of August in Toronto. To remove a raccoon family humanely, the attic must be inspected for babies. If babies are found, the babies are removed.

Depending on the specific situation a snare pole, one way door, or trap is used to remove the mother raccoon from the attic. Adult raccoons often leave the attic every couple of days to go out and find food. This makes is easier to remove the adult raccoon via a one way door. Mother and her litter are reunited outside so they can relocate to a different location. After we have safely removed raccoons, we seal up holes on exterior of houses where raccoons found their way in.