I was living in a bed bugs nightmare and called 24 HR Pest Control. They assured me they would take care of it, and they did! I can finally get some sleep.

- Natalie C

My tenants left a big mess when they moved out. There were cockroaches all over the place and I needed to clean it up before new tenants moved in. These guys got rid of the cockroaches and I was able to rent out my place.

- Paolo C

I thought someone was breaking into my house late at night but it was actually a raccoon. I couldn't sleep the whole night and had work the next day. I called 24 HR Pest Control and they came the same day. They removed the raccoon and guaranteed he wouldn't come back.

- Emily S

I had these mice running around. After trying to get rid of them myself and being unsuccessful, I called in the professionals. They came in and I haven't seen any mice since.

- Sarah P

Bed bugs are terrible. Call the professionals. 24 HR Pest Control will solve the problem before it gets out of control.

- Brian M

I had these huge ants that I tried to get rid of myself. I bought ant killer from the hardware store with no success. I called and was told that I had Carpenter Ants. They came in and got rid of these huge ants.

- Kelvin S